Missouri Renewable Energy Educational Center

Bonzo traveled to the big city of St. Louis for a renewable energy fair hosted by Missouri Renewable Energy.  Was great visiting and sharing with other renewable energy enthusiasts and enthusiasts to be.  Great turnout of young folks!

Orange VW in background left, first all electric vehicle in St. Louis - fabricated in 1982

JAKE Biochar Kiln

Brought JAKE, Just Another Kiln Experiment and a beta prototype char-gas producer.

The JAKE provided welcome clean heat, while up converting low value hardwood pellets into high value BIOCHAR!  For most young attendees this was their introduction to the term biochar, and for many their intro to the term TLUD.  Pleased to be part of the educational experience.  Great to "break char" with some young folks!

This was also the first public introduction of a char-gas producer yet to be named.

This design incorporates many of the best features of a WWII favorite - the Kalle in a compact pyramid housing with the modern twist of washable, re-usable K&N final filtration built into the housing.  Just plumb it into a whole-house generator and fire up!

Local Energy
The pitch was that with just these two designs, on-demand electricity for the home is possible.  Convert local waste wood,  twigs, sticks, "brush" (yea) into a high value product - biochar.

Among the many uses of biochar is simple conversion to engine grade fuel.  The prototype char-gas producer is a user friendly design for doing just that.  

The next step up is to add an inverter and battery storage.  That technology was on display inside the Educational Center.  Running only enough to top off batteries conserves biochar, and preserves the life expectancy of the home electrical generator.  On-demand topping off of batteries is also a great addition to existing wind-solar installations.

A young man that could not have been more than 12 years old absolutely made my day with his observation after seeing the gas flare from the char-gas producer.  He said "you mean it goes straight to the engine without having to be turned into a liquid?"  Many if not most adults who have seen char-gas engine power demonstrations don't understand that gas vapor is what runs an engine.

Big thanks to "Solar Jeff" and MORE for the invite.  The next Renewable Energy Fair is scheduled for December 8, 2016 at 2428 Woodson Road, Overland, MO 63114 from 10 am to 3 pm.


for updates, soon to be released video of the demonstration, and more info.


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