Sunday, August 6, 2017

Biochar HT Beds Update July-August

HT is Horticulture Therapy for me.  It works as does biochar!  No pesticides or chemical fertilizers in use.

Early July versus early August in pictures.

Zucchini plant is the biggest I have ever grown and starting to produce well.  That is a 4 foot level sticking up near the middle of the plant.

The Zucchini died off quickly during the July heat wave.  Pulled it and seeded cilantro in the open space.


Early July, about waist high, starting to set good, none vine ripened yet.

Early August, still picking below the waist line, vines have reached about 7', plenty of fruit setting.

Snow Pea n Turnip Bed

Still picking snow peas in early july, yum!  Had just pulled the last of the turnips before this picture.

August, snow peas long gone, had a few sweet potatoes started, sowed beans and cilantro just before about 5" of rain came in the last two days.  Good timing!

Also corn is off to a good start in bed 3 to the right in the picture above.

Bed 3

July in the far east bed, lettuce was mostly finished and corn was planted.  A toad skin melon is working it's way along in the middle of the bed.  This view is from the North.

Early August in bed 3 the corn is off to a really good start.  About 5" of rain in the last two days but a little wind with it.  Wind is hard on a two row corn planting.

Spiral Bed

July, dill is building big heads, yarrow is going nuts, golden oregano is doing well.  A tomato planted from a sucker is starting to take over the N side of the bed. Maybe should not have done that.

August the dill is done and gone to seed.  Thai basil seems to have found some roots and is finally growing.  Tomato is really starting to produce, lots of fruits.

Kale-Hyssop Combo


Kale with hyssop just behind it.  Both are in their second year.  The kale is making lots of leaves and seeds, but making the seeds over an extended period of time.  Been planting kale seeds in all the other beds as they mature.  Kale is still making seed a little at a time, still edible leaves in August, unusual method of seed production compared to what is commonly experienced.  Kale-hyssop may be a useful combo?

 The single hyssop plant seeded well last year, with several new plants emerging along the outside edge of the wood border in the tomato area.  The fresh hyssop blooms brings in LOTS of bumble bees, a few hummingbirds, a few japanese beetles, but as yet still no honey bees.

Okra Finally..

Early August..

Had planted quite a bit of okra but none seemed to want to sprout.  An okra plant is starting to grow pretty well in a small test bed.  Comfrey doesn't look like much, but harvested quite a few leaves just before the hot spell set in through July.  That probably did not leave enough shade for the roots.

That is an elderberry in the background.  Plenty grow wild around here but wanted to get some started near the house.


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