Friday, March 18, 2016

What Time Is It?

Type that phrase into a search engine and check the response.

Voila, a highly accurate, practical response to the question based upon machine understanding is the top result.  But notice also that in this case, over five million additional possible answers.

We live in a time of a unprecedented choice.  Choices of which questions to ask, which answers are relevant, choices of how to use our allotted "time" on this earth.

With over seven billion people, the collective results of human interaction during their time on earth could make a huge impact, or little difference, depending upon the choices they each make.

Food and Energy Are Historically Important 

Throughout the long history of man, food and energy are the primary drivers of human economy.  A human economy that transitioned from tribal to empire, is now transitioning from empire to the planetary era.  This is a time of many dangers, but also great hope for the future.  From ..
Rough paraphrase of the hundreds of hours of information on is that we truly are at an unprecedented time in human history.  The Age of Empire is ending, the transition to the Planetary Era beginning.  The end of empire is characterized by resource contention among great "empires'.  The beginning of the planetary era is characterized by people learning to cooperate in practically real time across nation-state boundaries.

"Nobody told me there'd be days like these...strange days indeed...most peculiar, mama" - John Lennon


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