Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What Time Is It - Time to Ponder Efficiency

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory energy use charts for the USA.


58% rejected/wasted

58% rejected/wasted

60% rejected/wasted


Short version of the truth, the USA wastes more energy than it uses.  The greatest waste is petroleum as transportation fuel, 75-80% wasted.

Is the ability to survive while wasting greatly, the sign of a great civilization?  Or does it signal a human caused problem when everything we need is somewhere else?

Localization in food, energy and economies is a real simple way to reduce a whole lot of wasted energy.

The eco-village makes sense environmentally, AND economically.  People easily get more done when they waste less energy doing it.  Eco-villages are not a retreat to the "stone age".  They are the forward path to a zero waste culture that creates more than it consumes.

"There are no environmental problems. There are only environmental symptoms of human problems" -Robert Gilman, context.org

More discussion by treehugger Lloyd Alter

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